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  • ■ TT
    Year of Birth:1964
    Place of Birth:Taipei, Taiwan
    Education:Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School
  • Introduction:
    TT had worked as an illustrator for newspapers and animation movies, a commercial visual artist, and an advertising designer.

    In recent years, he began to take administration responsibilities in art-related business. These managerial experiences expand his scope of art and stimulate reflections on his own creation. With a passion in oil art, his current creations demonstrate three major characteristics:

    First is the motif of folk culture, such as shadow play. TT uses folk tradition as a medium to capture our veiled memory of the old and in the meantime lend refreshing insights into the constantly changing modern world.

    Second is his calligraphic style, with the flow of casualness and yet elegance and delicacy. His calligraphic brushstrokes not only structure the dimensions of the artwork; they also engage the dialogue between reality and fiction in the viewer’s mind—as best represented in his illustrations of the blue-white porcelain, the woods, and those concerning the intertwined relations between self and other.

    Third is his preference of sketch, using only a few colors or thin paint to fashion an impression or imagination of a colorful world. This preference speaks to TT’s reminiscence of his early years as a poor student/apprentice when he had not enough money to purchase painting materials.

    Overall, TT specializes in adopting the oriental or Chinese cultural elements to express his perceptive observation and keen sensibility toward the people and objects surrounding him. With either complementary or contrasting juxtaposition, he manages to bring out the beauty of harmony, harmony that is not static but dynamically filled with hilarity and sense of humor.