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  • The mission of X-Power Gallery:
    1. Provide artists and collectors a global aesthetic platform for stimulating dialogues and mutual inspirations among cultures and across regions
    X-Power Gallery continuously engage in world-class expositions, such as art Zurich and Europ’art of Switzerlands, Art Innsbruck of Austria, Art Chicago and Art Expo New York of USA, CIGE and ShContemporary of China, KIAF in South Korea, etc. In addition, with actively participating in international auction activities, it has accomplished the highest auction record of Taiwan’s contemporary art piece and become an important platform for activating worldwide aesthetic communication.
  • 2. Endeavor to introduce more potential promising artists to the world by contributing successful international exhibition experiences to artists
    Since its establishment in 2007, X-Power Gallery by now has successfully explored and presented one talented artist – Lee Sun-Don, dubbed the pioneer of “Totemic Energy Oil Painting – to the international art circles. Professor Lee’s Totemic Energy Oil Painting has received great attention from all over the world. Not only had Lee been invited to hold totemic exhibitions across the globe; in year 2008 alone, he had won 42 honorable recognitions and awards in international juried expositions in France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Netherlands and United States. In 2009, Professor Lee’s itinerary further includes the solo exhibition in the 53rd Venice Biennale Collateral Events. Built upon the experience and knowledge extracted from Professor Lee’s exemplary model, X-Power Gallery endeavors to introduce more potential promising artists to the world and to promote worldwide aesthetic communication.